Saturday, 5 June 2010


I have been too busy to blog. 

Sorcha O'Raghallaigh's incredible collection photographed by Saga.
Oh so amazing. Photos and at the press show.
WELL DONE you beauty.
I very nearly shed a tear when the models came down the runway. 
It is too too beautiful. WHAT A STAR.
LCC Photography Degree Show. STAR of the show Ithaka Roddam.
Stunning pin pricked photographs.
Congratulations Miss Tim Walker Favourite.

MY hand knitting. The needles are so big i look like a borrower.

Kate Thakara ANOTHER show stealer. Bloody lovely collages on show at the Brighton end of year show.
You are gonna be a SUPER star ARTIST for sure.

BEEN reading a little book called Dali's Mustache. He is crazy. 

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