Saturday, 30 January 2010


I went to Firenze in Italy for the week. It is beautiful.

I went to a Pitti Filati. It is a yarn fair in Florence, people go to see the new trends in knitting, new yarns, knitting techniques and technology.


Miss Deanna is an AMAZING italian lady who allowed us to visit her archives. She has worked with almost every fashion designer and is the QUEEN of KNIT. She has built up an amazing library, filled with books on everything inspiring and every magazine. Most amazingly of all, she has two massive rooms with rail upon rail of knitwear she has made with designers, from Margiela to Prada to Kenzo, as well as thousands of incredible vintage clothes. She invents yarns, techniques and believes NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE in knit.

For Martin Margiela she made this mannequin. He visualised a jumper which appeared as if it has been worn for hundreds of years by many different people, with sagging elbows and boob impressions. Miss Deanna made this overweight mannequin as part of a long long process of experiments to make the perfect old man's jumper.

We were then taken to Angelo Marani's factory and studios. They are VAST. He has hundreds of knitting machines, never ending print tables, an enormous dye lab and a big design studio. After the tour he treated us to prosecco and an enormous slab of parmesan. Italians are very generous.

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